“Methodological Approach for Real Social Effects in Adult Education – MARS” project, funded by Erasmus+ KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity (2020-1-TR01-KA227-ADU-097707) aims to help reduce the contradictory emotional states such as violence, anger, despair, panic, uncontrolled, disengagement created by individuals in crisis, to help individuals contribute to produce different competencies and to improve their literacy skills in terms of digital, health, information and economy by creating adult education modules which intend to guide adult educators and good practices for LTT activities.

The target audience of the project is adults and stakeholder participants gathered in 3 groups with a positive ambience to contribute to the project:

1. Trainers, trainees and institution managers working in adult education centers where pilot applications will be carried out;

2. Adult education institutions, non-governmental organizations, associations, institutions volunteering with adult audiences, decision makers, local governments and press organs.

3. All kind of institutions and adults who will benefit from the project results.