The project produces 2 intellectual outputs: E-learning platform and E-book.

The e-learning platform address a critical need with a global impact, such as the global crises involving Europe and many other countries, as well as the impact and education issues caused by the crises on individuals. It increases the demand for and support for adult education by allowing them to see, internalize, and discover that each individual can be a solution tool for global problems.

The e-learning platform includes information resources comprised of 12 training modules for individuals to assist them in recognizing the de facto rules within their personal, regional, national, and international contexts, raising awareness, and acquiring the necessary behavioral skills in the crisis management process. At the end of each module, there will be teaching methods, technology-supported methods, and applied activities and skills for adult educators to use. In this context, the e-learning platform plays an important role in educators’ professional and personal development, as well as in expanding their academic knowledge and benefiting their trainees and themselves through the training they will provide in this field.

The e-book serves as a guidebook to promote active citizenship in a variety of fields by gaining behavior management skills for global crises, contributing to society, and gaining knowledge and skills that will promote individuals’ personal development. The e-book contain information on lifelong learning approaches for adult educators based on 21st century skills, various educational topics and information notes, production and technology-oriented activities, modern teaching strategies for adults based on age, development types, and subjects, and technological teaching tools for using and managing digital tools.

The guide e-book assists educators and users in creating a dynamic learning environment by increasing the external motivation of individuals participating in adult education, learning and using teaching methods from various disciplines, gaining technology skills, and understanding how to create educational environments based on experiment and observation in skill teaching.