EURO-training (BULGARIA)

“EURO-training” is a non profit making and non-governmental organisation, founded in 2004 and located in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
Our main goal is connected with promoting and supporting of different kind and forms of training activities.
We strongly believe that only well educated and trained people are capable to make a transition to the knowledge based economy and may significantly improve the quality of life.
In the Learning Age, equipping people with the right knowledge and skills is crucial to maintaining high and sustainable levels of employment and price stability.
But our vision of the Learning Age is about more than employment. The development of a culture of learning will help to build a united society, assist in the creation of personal independence, and encourage the creativity and innovation.
Most of the EURO-training`s activities are connected with empowering of the different disadvantaged groups with appropriate knowledge and skills for successful placement in the labor market and this way contribute for their social inclusion.
Those we do developing and providing of different training activities and actions for training and improving their civic and social skills and competences based on blended and e-learning. Our efforts are connected to promote tolerance, accepting the differences, respect to interculturality, active citizenship.