AcrossLimits LTD (MALTA)

AcrossLimits is a Maltese SME with a long story of successes both on the national and the European stages with participation in over 60 EU funded projects over its 19 years of existence. Over the years, we have built up a vast skill set within the Education, Health, Entrepreneurship, Digital Platforms and Dissemination work packages.
Being an ICT company, we have a great interest in eLearning and took part in various EU projects and training courses that incorporated or were based on eLearning. We developed several such platforms for different target different audiences ranging from educators to students, businesspeople, professionals, artists, disadvantaged people and more.
Leveraging on our strong networks, both on national and international levels, we held the role of Dissemination Leaders in various EU funded projects whereby our tasks ranged from simple creation of websites to hosting of international conferences and symposia.